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Tel Aviv is Israel's largest city in Israel and the main commerce center. It is refered to by locals and tourists as a "non-stop" city. Tel Aviv has a wide variety of entertainment. Nightlife is abundant with bars, nightclubs, clubs and parites all the time. Dining options abound when choosing from a variety of foods including,: Mediteranean, Chinese, Thai, French, and many more. There are many cafes is Tel Aviv, where one can just sit and sip a strong capucino and watch the passersby.

Tel Aviv has many shopping venues including many shops, shopping malls, and markets.

Tel Aviv's beaches can be enjoyed almost year round. Although the water can get cold in the winter there are many beautiful days, without a cloud in the sky which could be spent "catching rays".

Tel Aviv has many beautiful hotels that can accomodate most any budget. Like all cities Tel Aviv also has many smaller hotels, motelsand hostels.

Tel Aviv's skyline exposes new skyscrapers that contrast with the old city of Jaffa. Tel Aviv is home to a number of museums, theatres, concert halls, sports stadiums and art galleries.

The wide variety of options that Tel Aviv offers its visitors is what makes it an appealing city to visit any time of year.

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